The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer

With so many talented candid wedding photographers (clicking this link takes you to a list of the photographers we recommend in your city) in the market today; brides, grooms and their families must be going insane trying to pick the right one for their special day. 

Don’t worry guys, your search ends here. Keep reading until the end to get an understanding on how to choose the right wedding photographer. If you don’t want to do that, let us help you. Click the LINK and speak to one of our wedding advisers.  


  Initially it seems every photographer is the same, they all click pictures edit it and send your way. But when you scroll thorough their profiles and look minutely you understand they are not. This art is not standardized like the rest.  

Some are great at capturing movement; some excel at capturing stolen glances and coy smiles; some others are great at shooting at night and others lend a very artistic feel to the pictures. 

A friend of mine had the most fun, crazy wedding and reception at night. Every aspect was perfect except for the photographer. The guy used floodlights to shoot the ceremony and the reception, and even thought the ceremony was at night and the bride wore white, the pictures made everyone look washed out. I still look at her pictures and wonder, what if she had chosen another photographer? 

We suggest you scroll thorough each one of their swagrani profile. LINKED HERE so that you can understand their style. Incase you are finding difficulty deciding. Let us do the hard work for you. Reach out to us and we will help you chose the right photographer based on what you are looking for and absolutely at your budget.  


A nephew of mine got married on October 2022, she was hunting down a really great candid photographer. The guy was good with his work. But had a really terrible attitude, he was not receptive to my nephews needs. She was really upset about it, and that was clearly palpable in her photographs. Just because the person is famous does not mean you will go along well with him. We at SWAGRANI suggest speak to the photographer in person and understand the mentality of the person well in advance. This is your special moment and you must look great on great day.  

We are all yours and we will help you get the most friendly wedding photographer who would capture every moment of your  grand day in the best way possible. Tell us your needs by clicking THIS LINK  and allow us to be a part of your celebration.  


All the photographers on SWAGRANI have been on this platform for quite some time and have over 3 years of professional experience. They are trained to understand your needs and help you accordingly. However, this does not mean that you relinquish all your control over how you want your pictures to look like. It is your wedding day and you are the director of the movie. We want you to communicate the photographers what you are looking for. There could be some pinterest shots you want to recreate, or maybe you want certain friends of relatives to be covered more, or maybe you want the photographer to cover some special moments in the entire day to be part of your cute reels down the line. There could be some moment you don’t want the photographer to cover. Simply communicate to the person. The person is well trained to understand your requirements and will make sure you have the special touch on all your photographs, exactly like the way you want it.  


 Do you want the photographer to cover all your functions? Do you want him to focus on just the wedding and reception?  

The prices differ based on that. But at SWAGRANI, we are committed to bringing out the SWAG that is inherent in you.  

We  believe no one should  break a leg to get their SWAG out and we are committed to offering the best possible prices out there in the market. Trust us when we say you this, our team has worked a lot with the wedding photographers and tried every curse and blessing to offer you the lowest rate possible. Talk to one of our representatives. And allow us to be a part of your wedding day LINK  

Back up 

We all have our heart set on certain things. But sometimes life does not go the way we expect it to. 

It could happen that the photographer that you want to shoot your wedding has prior commitments. It is not the end of the world! Really.  Browse through our vendor gallery and you will find enough photographers to go around! 

Always have at least three photographers of the same caliber on your shortlist. In this way, you won’t be disappointed if your first choice is not available. 

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