Makeup Artists

Makeup by Madhu Das in Guwahati.

MD Makeup

MD Makeup Hi, I’m MD. I’m a makeup artist based in Guwahati, India, and I’ve been in the industry for 4 years now. I specialize in HD, non-HD, and waterproof makeup techniques. I have served over 300 clients so far and have made them look their best! Overall Rating CONNECT WITH ARTIST Hi, I’m MD. …

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Close-up of a girl with makeup on her face.

KB Makeup

KB Makeup I’m KB, a make-up artist based in Guwahati. I’ve been doing makeup for about four years now and specialize in all types of makeup including HD, non-HD, waterproof, and airbrush. I’ve served over 200+ clients and have never had a bad experience. I truly believe that my clients are my inspiration. Overall Rating …

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Hair style adorned with roses.

JD Makeup

JD Makeup Hi, I am JD and I am a professional makeup artist. I have been in the industry for 8 years, and I have worked with over 300 clients. I specialize in HD makeup, non-HD makeup, waterproof makeup, natural makeup, and no makeup look—which means that regardless of your skin tone or hair color, …

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Soft and subtle makeup look by Juli Chouhdhry.

JC Makeup

JC Makeup Hi, I am JC. I am a professional makeup artist with over 4 years of experience. I have served more than 200 clients, specializing in HD makeup, non-HD makeup, waterproof makeup, and no makeup-makeup looks. I believe in being creative, innovative, and having fun while working with my clients. I aim to give …

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Elegant makeup look by Udang Brahma.

UB Makeup

UB Makeup Hi, my name is UB and I’m a professional makeup artist with over 2 years of experience. I’ve worked on more than 100 clients and received more than 80 5-star reviews. I specialize in HD makeup, non–HD makeup, waterproof makeup, and glossy makeup. I have a passion for makeup and would love to …

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Bridal makeup done by Bhanima Rabha Mali in Guwahati.

BRM Makeup

BRM Makeup I’m BRM, a professional make-up artist based in Guwahati with 5 years of experience. I have covered over 200+ weddings and specialize in bridal and non-bridal makeup. I aim to give my clients the perfect look for any occasion according to their preferences. If you’re looking for a reliable makeup artist for any …

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