Makeup Artists

Himakshi Talukdar

Himakshi Talukdar Himakshi Talukdar is a gifted makeup artist based in Pathsala, with 4 years of experience in the industry. Specializing in all types of bridal and party makeup, she has skillfully served more than 300 clients, creating looks that are both sophisticated and radiant. Her approach is characterized by an understanding of her client’s …

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Geetashree Boro

Geetashree Boro Geetashree Boro is an accomplished makeup artist based in Guwahati, boasting 5 years of experience and specializing in all forms of bridal and party makeup. Having beautified more than 400 clients, her artistic touch transforms ordinary into extraordinary, tailoring each look to the individual’s personality and the event’s theme. Geetashree’s skills extend beyond …

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Arpana Das

Arpana Das Arpana Das, based in Guwahati, is a makeup artist with 2 years of professional experience, specializing in all kinds of bridal and party makeup. Having served more than 100 clients, her expertise lies in crafting stunning looks that suit her clients’ personalities and the occasion. With a passion for enhancing natural beauty, Arpana’s …

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Assamese girl wearing a lehenga choli outfit with a soft look makeup.

Sangita Kalita

Sangita Kalita Introducing Sangita Kalita, a master makeup artist with over six years of professional experience, specializing in bringing out the natural beauty of her clients. With over 75 bridal makeovers under her belt, she has refined her expertise across a multitude of makeup styles. Whether it’s an HD makeup for that flawless look in …

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Close-up of a girl's face with beautifully applied makeup.

Pahi Bora

Pahi Bora Discover the magic of beauty with Pahi Bora, a seasoned makeup artist and hairstylist with three years of diverse experience. Catering to over 200 clients, most being repeats, Pahi’s expertise in various makeup techniques—HD, Non-HD, Nude, Waterproof and more—is unparalleled. Her philosophy: “Makeup is about enhancing your original beauty, not changing it,” ensures …

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Makeup done by Paree Kalita in Guwahati.

Paree Kalita

Paree Kalita Paree Kalita is a revered makeup artist with eight years of experience in the industry. Specializing in bridal makeup, she has lent her expertise to over 800 brides, leaving a trail of satisfied clients in her wake. Paree is celebrated for her distinctive “no-makeup” look, a style that enhances natural beauty while maintaining …

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Bride's makeup done by Swapna Sharma in Guwahati.

swapna sharma

swapna sharma I’m Swapna! I’m a Professional Make-up Artist with over 1 year of experience.I’ve worked with 25+ clients, and specialize in HD makeup (including non-HD makeup), waterproof makeup, and all sorts of other stuff.I feel like I can make anyone look beautiful with my skills! Overall Rating CONNECT WITH ARTIST I’m Swapna! I’m a …

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Assamese girl wearing a makeup and mekhela chador in Guwahati.

Pooja Bora

Pooja Bora Hi there! I’m Pooja, a professional makeup artist with over 5 years of experience. I am also a certified Makeup Artist and have served more than 100 clients. I specialize in HD makeup, non-HD makeup and waterproof makeup.I’m very passionate about the work that we do, so if you are looking to hire …

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Assamese girl wearing a lehenga choli, adorned with makeup.

Mampi Sarkar

Mampi Sarkar Hi, I am Mampi Sarkar, a professional makeup artist with more than 9 years of experience in the beauty industry. I’ve worked with more than 500 clients, and I’ve received over 450 5-star reviews from them!My services include HD makeup, non-HD makeup, waterproof makeup, airbrush makeup glass finish, and more. My goal is to …

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Makeup by Madhu Das in Guwahati.

Madhu Das

Madhu Das Hi, I’m Madhu. I’m a makeup artist based in Guwahati, India, and I’ve been in the industry for 4 years now. I specialize in HD, non-HD and waterproof makeup techniques. I have served over 300 clients so far and have made them look their best! Overall Rating CONNECT WITH ARTIST Hi, I’m Madhu. …

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